This is
our function

1. Higher education:

Our first foundation is to verify and help with their performance, based on compliance with standards previously defined, based on the establishment of elements and actions (including training) that are oriented to the continuous quality improvement of the methodology and quality of the technical and higher education.

In cooperation, we permanently promote and develop the quality assurance systems of higher education, with high levels of modernization and specialization, that comply with the principles of standardized and internationally accepted good practice, and that thus recognize, the characteristics of each country and of the continents in general.

Accredited professor teaching

2. Projects:

Also, our second foundation is to promote, help and create projects to develop all kinds of academic, scientific, technological, financial and social research, consulting or projection activities that are conducive to the wellness of the humanity, including the strengthening and qualifying of the evaluation processes, quality assurance and the accreditation of degrees, academic programs or higher education institutions.

This serves two objectives: the development of solutions to the humanity, and contribute to the progressive harmonization of the quality assurance of higher education in Ibero-America.

3. Cooperation between members:

We encourage, support for promotional and outreach activities among the members of the international agency.

We also sign, inter-institutional collaboration and cooperation agreements, twinning and strategic alliances between the members of the international agency, with a reciprocity and mutual recognition nature regarding the accreditations granted by them, because we believe in collaborate for the process of improving the quality of higher education in Ibero-American countries in association with national and international cooperation entities.