what is Accreditation?


First, let's define

Is the act by which the recognition that is granted to an entity or higher education program is made public, which meets the conditions and quality standards previously established, and which are voluntarily submitted to this process based on the evaluation of aspects and processes that fully inform about the status of the institution or the programs.

Director of board of acreditation

Why the accreditation? The importance and purpose

The evaluation of higher education is a basic and fundamental instrument to promote the improvement of the quality of higher education institutions that this globalized world is requiring.


Who can be accredited?:

Any entity with the requirements. Usually, a section of a university. But also can be a complete university, a career or a degree, a national accreditation agency, a specialized public institution or an institute, alliance or an agency of research and specialized training, for example.


Looking for a specific name?

If you want to confirm whether or not an institution has our accreditation, you can request the information by indicating this information in the following form: