We are Ruach Hakodesh
The Ibero-American Board Of Accreditation


So, what do we do? Who are we?:

Analizer hand touching to yellow 5 stars virtual screening monitor for satisfaction evaluation survey and review of an university

An integration body whose function is the accreditation and reaccreditation of institutions, and undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Also, we accredit scientific, investigation and development institutes. The Authorization Act has been granted by the Secretary of Education, of the State of Florida.

We analyze a variety of characteristics and data, including conversations with students and teachers, and provide a rating and recommendations.

"I thank them (The Ibero-American Board Of Accreditation) for helping us optimize our processes. In this way, we can provide assurance to our students and allies that we offer the best quality standards for all Latin American, and other regions."
Recommendation of one of our clients: International Redeemed Christian University

Why was this organization created?

Because it was necessary, imperative, and of great urgency, the creation of an independent, intercontinental organization that convene various academic, scientific, technical and social sectors, with global perspectives and scope, that transcends, defines, regulates and applies principles and standards of good practice combined, both in evaluation and in accreditation.


How do we finance ourselves?

Although we have free social projects, most of our services requires an inversion (the price depends of the requirements). We also manages, with regional, national and international organizations, different kinds of financial resources conducive to the implementation of academic and development projects.


Where are we located?

Our main global offices are located in Florida (4412 6th St West, Lehigth Acres, ZIP 33971, P.O. Box 422157) and North Carolina, USA.

Our regional offices for Latin America are located in San José, Costa Rica.

We have offices in 5 additional countries.